Top Best Siem Reap Points of Interest

You might have visited a place and realize that it is boring, but this time, we have top 10 best Siem Reap points of interest that we know that you will find a lot of interesting things to watch and also do. Don’t lock yourself out if you find time because these places worth a visit. If you have never seen kids riding a canoe or monkey grabbing stuffs, we are sure that you will see them if you give a try these best point of interest, try them this coming holiday and you’ll be interested.
9. Pub Street & Siem Reap night market

This is an area where you can find vibe of New Orleans. You’ll get several restaurants as well as spas. You will get your dinner at the Red Piano and then get massage. If you are ticklish, you will find deals in Night Market and what you’ll get is hastily produced oil paint paintings only at $15, drawstring pants du jour which are 3 for $10 and knock-off ray bans at $5.
What to do
– Have dinner and massage
8. Cambodian Cultural Village

Imagine that paying a visit to this cultural village will make a huge difference in your life! You’ll be welcomed with traditional dancing which is performed by talented dancers. The lifestyle landmark will provide you completed facilities as well as recreation. You’ll get 13 unique villages that represent diversity of cultural heritages alongside with eight scenes of show performances. You’ll get this village in Siem Reap province. Visitor from all over the globe pay a visit to this place, why not you?
7. Tonle sap lake

You will see primitive fishing village who are living in poverty and subsistence living. During rainy season, the lake water rises up to front doors and see children who are paddling with babies in canoes and also livestock in floating pens. You will get school supplies as well as fresh fruit. You will also see barefoot kids coming from all direction towards you and women who are selling 20pk bags of chips at only $2.
What to do
– Have fun fishing
– Buy fresh fruits and school supplies
6. Lotus, Siem Reap

You will have great experience here. You can spend your night here at only $75 per night which is very cheap. What you’ll be given is extremely high, friendly services which will duly impress you. The staffs of this restaurant are really overeager to please and their rooms are modern-chic and even comfortable. Their pool is phenomenal.
What to do
– Pay $75 for a night
5. New Hope restaurant

If you want the best meal which is delicious, then this is the best restaurant you can visit if you find yourself in Cambodia. It is a trade school which is known for former sex workers and also elementary school that is for at risk kids. It is also local free medical clinic. You can plan to stay here for site tour and then meet the kids. The activities to do here is smart and engaging.
What to do
– Have delicious dinner and have fun with at risk kids
4. Artisans Angkor

What you’ll do here is to watch artisan doing their work in this trade school which is for disadvantaged Cambodians. After watching the artisans, you’ll shop in the store which is colorful and see authentic goods flying off the shelves. You can see several ornamental silver-plate boxes which worth $17 each and also colored silk scarves which worth $22. This colorful store can give you everything you need fro, fashion to furniture.
What to do
– Watch artisans at work
3. Ta Prohm

You’ll see crumbling walls which are intertwined with tree roots. It is a great point for tourist attraction and what you will find here is old temple that was left as found. You will find a lot of things which are cool and authentic here and if you want to see the amazing wonder of the world, you can give this place a try and what you will see here is something which will last longer in your memory.
2. Angkor Thom

The local people pronounce this name as Uncle Tom and it has several interesting things to offer you. It has Entry Bridge which is flanked by 54 stone warriors who are seem to be having fun of playing tug of war with sacred naga snake and some of the warriors’ head are seen to be missing and taken by the looters after Vietnam war.
1. Sunrise at Angkor Wat

Several tourists love visiting this place and when you wake-up at around 5:30 AM, you’ll be amazed by their numbers. This place is known to be one of those places which are wonders of the world. It has a lot of things to offer you but you need to be aware of monkey which can swarm the place and then grab your stuff out of your hands and some will come after you when you dis them.
If you find yourself in Siem Reap, don’t limit yourself visiting these points of interest because they have a lot of things to offer you. You need to feed your eyes with good things and the places we have listed here have what your eyes will love watching. They are much affordable but with all sorts of things you can watch which will last in your memory. You will get massage, delicious meals and watch monkey grabbing your stuff if you will give them chance. Try to visit these top 10 best Siem Reap points of interest.