Top Best Recommended Place to Visit in Cambodia

It is really exciting to consider the top ten best cities in Cambodia. So here they are mentioned to help you know some great locations to consider when you plan to travel abroad this year.

1. Siem Reap

Partake of the culture, site seeing and many restaurants in Siem Reap in Cambodia. Enjoy the spas, lovely gardens, hearing Cantonese and other languages spoken, exquisite breakfast, fine dining, shopping at Lucky Mall and take a lovey stroll to Phsar Kandal Center Market. Come see it all for yourself.

2. Phnom Penh

Grand hotels are set in the heart of great and accessible locations in this lovely paradise. The hotels come with air conditioning for your comfort. You will enjoy boutiques and many amenities that you have back home such as dry cleaning all the way to car rentals for your maximum quality vacation experience in Phnom Penh. Visit this lovely place today.

3. Sihanoukville

Be swept away by fabulous beach resorts that are out of this world. Enjoy deluxe rooms with ocean views and get a free foot massage, along with a free breakfast as added bonuses at various resorts to make your stay extra indulgent and special. Enjoy multiple fitness centers, spas, gardens, private beaches and more. Let the peace and beauty of this place sweep over you. Pack your bags and come visit now.

4. Battambang

Indulge in staying in a villa hotel run by a charming family that offers the highest service and best Cambodian hospitality, making your stay a unique cultural experience with great Cambodian dishes at your beck and call. See the Battambang museum that has many interesting things for you to learn about and visit other nearby places. Your curiosity must be roaming, so pack your bags and come explore.

5. Kep

Get away for some romance in this resort city with delightful boutique hotels that are sure to please. The place is full of charm and offers lovely beaches. You will enjoy the relaxing sea breezes. Get ready for your vacation where you can enjoy many spas and other great amenities.

6. Kampot

You will enjoy the excitement of the city center here in Kampot, Cambodia. You will have a very comfortable experience at any of the various fine hotels and you will enjoy the beauty of the Damrei Mountains, along with checking out interesting Bokor Hill Station.

7. Koh Rong

Here in Koh Rong, you are entering a unique piece of paradise that will quiet your tired mind because you have worked so hard and need this tranquil rest during your vacation time. There is exotic jungle land and dense savannah that are nature’s beauties. Clean beaches and lovely accommodations get you in the mood to relax and enjoy the place. You will enjoy some snorkeling and kayaking as well.

8. Koh Rong Sanloem

Excellent service in Kong Rong Sanloem makes your stay unforgettable. You will enjoy the exotic cuisine that takes you out of the daily rut, causing you to slow down to savor each bit and to relax. Take advantage of barbeque facilities, beaches, restaurants and boat rides, along with some diving.

9. Sen Monorom

Get adventurous here in Sen Monorom with various attractions in the city, along with going just outside the city to some lovely elephant sanctuaries and exploring some gorgeous, unforgettable waterfalls. Remember to pack your camera for your stay here. And a lot of amenities have even pools for children. Make this a real bonding time with the family.

10. Kampong Thom

Enjoy this village-like place, the delicious food and large hotel rooms that are air conditioned and some that have balconies to offer lovely views in this tropical place tucked far away in its own corner of the world that is waiting to be discovered by you. Walk in and relax in breath-taking gardens or take a scenic discovery tour by renting some bikes.