Best Philippines Points of Interest

Packed with diverse indigenous tribes, a rich culture, over 7000 islands and friendly people who will make anyone feel at home, the Asian country is a good destination for tourists. All this features has made Philippines become among the top 10 most toured country with visitors coming from all over the world. The beaches are filled with white sands and mysterious caves that are among the people’s favorite places. If you have it in your bucket list and aren’t sure about the places to visit, here are the top 10 Philippines points of interest in 2016 that you should definitely visit.

10. Siargao

This is home to one of the best lagoons in the world. The island is extremely beautiful and breathtaking. The lagoons have jelly-fish that one can actually catch as they do not sting. A bizarre river that is enchanting is also a beautiful feature that the area has.

9. Albay. Mayon Volcano

As dangerous as this active volcano may be, it still is perfectly shaped and has sceneries that soothe the eye. Its view from anywhere is breathtaking as the landscape presents one with an opportunity to take long walks and enjoy every setting.

8. Malapascua Island

For those who love watching beautiful and relaxed sunsets, then this is the island to be in. Ranked among the best 20 islands in the world, the long stretches of the beaches in the island which form beautiful colors in the evening are a sight that one should experience.

7. Chocolate hills

This place is filled with over 1700 hills that look cute and are interesting to look at. Although they look green most part of the year, the grass dries out and turns brown over the summer forming a chocolate like pattern and hence its name. The hills’ height range from 40 to 150 meters.

6. Pagsanjan Falls

Having 3 different drops with the longest being over 100 meters, the Pagsanjan falls are leisure falls that you can spend a day touring. The most popular activity around the area is the “Shooting the rapids” activity which involves boat riders riding against rushing waters using a dugout canoe.

5. Puerto Princesa Underground River

This is a river within the PuertoPrincesa subterranean national park. The river was recently acknowledged as one of the 7 wonders of nature. The river has a length of 8.2 kilometers and stretches directly into the sea causing a tidal flow. The place is filled with bat habitats as they are attracted by the many stalactites and stalagmites.

4. Banaue Rice Terraces

This beautiful piece of land forms a beautiful scene you will find nowhere in the world. The terraces were carved out from mountain ranges over 2 centuries ago with the use of ancient tools. The skill level was magnificent and beautiful terraces ended up being formed. They look like large sized steps that connect the ground to the sky. Residents of the area have used the terraces to plant rice and many other vegetables.

3. Iloilo

Native Ilonggo cuisine and the cheap seafood businesses thrive in this area as the foods form the favorite part of whoever visits the beaches. The place is filled with cultural practices as the residents hugely embrace their cultural beliefs. A major UNESCO heritage site is the Miagao church. Other sites include the colonial houses and Calle Real.

2. Boracay

Having received awards and numerous recognitions as the world’s best premier spot for tourism, the Boracy’s white sand beaches are a sight to catch. The 3.98 square mile area mainly consists of three barangays, Balabag, Manac-Manoc and Yapak. What majorly thrills people when they hear about the place is the amazing night life full of fun. The beach is calm in the Amihan period during which the area receives the most number of tourists.

1.Palawan, El Nido

The beautiful sights offered by this beach is unparalleled and this has got it featured among the most beautiful beaches worldwide. Anyone in Philippines should definitely visit this place. The beautiful sands are not the only thing you should experience. Delightful lagoons are other features that are enchanting to see. Activities you can get involved in include swimming in the clear waters, kayaking, snorkel and even relaxing on the shores.

Sadly, the list is only limited to 10 places. Picking the best wasn’t a walk in the park as there are a ton of other beautiful and lively places that you could possibly visit. With over 7000 beautiful islands to explore, the place offers one a complete holiday destination package.