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  • The 10 Things You Need To Know In Advertising Today

    The 10 Things You Need To Know In Advertising Today

    Good morning. Get your week off to a flying start by getting up to date with all the important advertising stories. 1. Coca-Cola has become the first major World Cup sponsor to publicly criticize FIFA over the handling of its corruption investigation into the winning bids for the 2018 and 2022 tournaments. The drinks company […]

  • The Difference Between Advertising and Marketing

    The Difference Between Advertising and Marketing

    Advertising, and marketing; two terms that are somehow interchangeable for most people outside of the two industries (and sadly, inside as well). It’s easy to understand why people who don’t work in these fields confuse the two terms. TVs and movies often use the two to mean the same thing. “I’m in marketing,” says the […]

  • 6 Key Shifts in Thinking About Social Media

    6 Key Shifts in Thinking About Social Media

    Do you ever wonder how your fellow marketers and business owners are using social media to grow their business? Whether they are concerned about declining Facebook reach? What platforms and strategies they intend to invest their time in? Wonder no more. Social Media Examiner has just released its annual Social Media Marketing Industry Report after surveying more […]

  • 10 Marketing Tricks From the Pros

    Marketing is the lifeblood of any startup – without it, the company will be sure to sink. So for entrepreneurs looking to boost their productivity with simple tricks, I set out to find answers. I recently asked some of the smartest and most experienced marketing people I know for their No. 1 marketing hack. While […]

  • The 5 Secrets to a More Readable Website

    In my last column, I stressed the importance of producing quality content, but a website packed with amazing content and top search-engine rankings won’t do your business any good if your visitors don’t stick around long enough to read it. After all, isn’t the purpose of great content to convert visitors into leads and then eventually […]

  • 17 Content Pieces You Can Create Without Writing a Single Word

    Not a strong writer? Not a problem! Even though “content is king” these days, there are tons of different content pieces that can be created and shared on your company’s website without requiring extensive writing. Here are a few ideas to help get your creative juices flowing: 1. Image gallery: Instead of words, fill your blog posts with […]