Jack Ma’s Ten Rules for Success

Technology giant Jack Ma, Alibaba founder, has a fabulous, motivating and optimistic program to share to get other people excited about the future and their lives. His ten rules can be applied to any small-medium or large business owner or entrepreneur. Alibaba as a product has changed the face of the Internet and opened up opportunities for millions of people. Jack Ma: Founder and CEO of the Alibaba Group Hardcover –by Chen Wei

Here are his ideas.
1. Get used to rejection

Many times you are not going to be well-received or understood. Your progressive and forward thinking ideas may not appeal to the average person, but this does not mean you don’t have a great idea.
2. Keep your dream alive

Focus on your philosophy, your product and your people. Maintaining your commitment and belief in what you are doing are vital aspects of success.
3. Focus on culture

Who is your audience? If you are selling an item for a specific people, then you need to know what they want and need and market to them. This is where your money lies.
4. Ignore the little man

Don’t allow other’s negativity rule your action. There is always going to be someone there telling you that you can’t do something and succeed. Use your own brain. Don’t allow others to get you feeling down and out. You want to figure out a way to work for yourself.
5. Get inspired

In order for you to get other people excited about you and your product, then you need to get passionate about what you are doing. It has to come from your heart. If you speak or do something from the heart you will be on target because then others will feel your intuition and your truth.
6. Stay focused

There are going to be many times that you will feel like not doing something, but you need to remain focused on the goal. Keep your eye on your vision of the future. This will continue to help you maintain your energy for your plan.
7. Have a good global name

Make sure that you are thinking globally. You don’t want to miss large parts of the population by shutting them out through a name that is meaningless to them. Alibaba translates to OPEN SESAME. This concept is something that transcends time, age and culture.
8. Put your customers first, your employees second and your shareholders third

Focusing on the people who are purchasing your product is going to bring in the revenue. Employees will often share your vision, especially when the customers are there and they can see how things are going first hand. You want to be the problem solver. This is the way to assure that you are going to have a product that is marketable.
9. Don’t complain and remain optimistic

If you hear someone complaining, listen. Then solve that problem. This is the way to help the problem, not be the problem. There are always going to be complaints and these are opportunities for you to create a new product or fine tune one that exists.
10. Have passion

Without true passion, you are going to have a hard time maintaining the necessary energy to survive through the tough times and the mistakes. Keep a team of people that are similarly excited and passion filled close by.

Along with Jack Ma, there are many other incredibly rich, generous and kind leaders who employ many of the same tenets. Successful people are considerably more able to see solutions to the problems most people complain about. An undying energy supply and a willingness to put in the hours is a great skill to have. Relying on your inner voice for the answers along with your own brain are sure fired ways to good results. Keeping it fresh and exciting is a necessary ingredient to maintaining that first spark of passion that inspired you in the first place and helping others has got to be one of the main drives in any business plan so that you can assure a consistent availability of opportunity. Taking the negativity of others’ complaints can be turned into a new way of working out a problem, which may be a very marketable solution. Jack Ma certainly has created an exceptional reality and his sense of humor is contagious. His positive attitude is bubbling around him at all times and it is easy to see how people are drawn to him. Jack Ma, no doubt will continue being a great success and inspiration to others for many future generations.